Lishui Photography Festival Awards Announcement

Dec, 23.2021

Special Collection Award

Huang Qingjun / Possessions

 Jamie Tilley / Does a cow know when a storm is coming? 

Expert Recommended Curators

Curated by Fu Yongjun / Seven Alleys Art Museum — Seven Alleys Local Art Project Season 3

Curated by Zhang Wen / Departure: Yale MFA photography group exhibition

Curated by Wei Ting / Echo of the edge: New media Art Group Exhibition

Curated by Laura Moya, Isabella Wang, Human / Nature

Curated by Luo Dawei / Zhu Sui, Universal gravity's rainbow

Curated by Louise Fedotov-Clements, Niamh Treacy,un / natural

Curated by Xu Weimin, Li Zhaohui,Fu Zhengyuan / New power of Three Gorges

Curated by Wang Chuan / Zhong Liming: Persistent Gaze--Zhong Liming's Views

Curated by Chen Xiaobo / Poetic wonderland: group exhibition of Lishui photographers' works

Curated by Shiteng / Zhou Meisheng: Mountains•Rivers•Vegetation

Expert Recommended Photographers

Julia Fullerton-Batten / Looking Out from Within

Chen Canrong / The Untrammeled Travelers

Tan Qiumin / A decade• Liucitangbei Alley

Daisy Noyes / Nature strip

Ma Xuejun / New scenery of Sanxia

Fan Shunzan / Home with kids

Jin Haofan / Swamp

Federico Estol / Shine heroes

Ingmar Björn Nolting / Measure and middle

Guo Jiaxi / Mount Lingshan

Expert Recommended Potential Newcomers

Chen Yuping / Lost borders

Lin Yaoting / Escape 2056

Outstanding Exhibitions

hu Qiaomin / Shadows

Light nurtures everything: group exhibition of 10+ professors' works

Curated by Ouyang Shizhong / Virtuality and Existence

Curated by Liu Yu / 66 days in Wuhan

Consultant: Wang Zheng, Curators:Fangxiang Weina /  Yearning of the essence

Reflections and innovations: contemporary practices of historical processes

Curated by Jiang Yiming: Lv Yongsheng / The Supreme Planet

Curated by Lin Lu / What is "Gui" : group exhibition of 10 photographers from Guangxi

Curated by Shenke, Wangdazhong /  Wang Xueya, Dong Xiaolian /  Kite

Curated by Jiangwei /  Zhou Qi: Resort

"New Academy · New Image"Special Collection Award

Wang Jiaxu / The era of BALL

"New Academy · New Image" Outstanding Exhibitions

Chen Wenzhe /  In China

Cao Jingjian / -25℃

Li Shumin / Datura on the clouds

Wang Feiyu /  Living theater

Gu Wenjing / Cyber angel

"New Academy · New Image" Organizing Contribution Award

Xi'an University of Technology

Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

Liaoning Communication University

Dalian Medical University

 Academy of Arts & Design , Tsinghua University

British FORMAT Photography Festival Award

Ren Lingfei / From that day on