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Photography Festival Entry

(1)The theme for The Photography Festival in 2017: Images in an Era of Hypermedia.

(2)Curators, photographers, arts group (Association/Institution/Club), academy are welcome to participate.

(3)Closing Date for Entries:September 30th, 2017.

(4)Requirements for the works: The digital file shall be in JPEG format with size of 1024 pixels x 8 pixels. file names should be:

A、Photographers: Nation+City+Exhibition Title+Author’s Name+Contact Number
B、Curators: Nation+City+Exhibition Title+Curator’ Name+ Contact Number
C、Arts Groups: Nation+City+Gourp’s Name+Contacts’ Name+ Contact Number

Way to Participate

Please fill in the forms. And send all files(including the images) to (forms are in the enclosed attachments)

Download application form:

Lishui Photography Festival Application (Personal)

Lishui Photography Festival Application (Curator)

Lishui Photography Festival Application (Arts Group)

Special Reminder:

Pleases change your file name into:

A、Photographer: Nation+City+Exhibition Name+Author’s Name+Contact Number

B、Curator: Nation+City+Exhibition Name+Curator’ Name+ Contact Number

C、Arts Group: Nation+City+Gourp’s Name+Contacts’ Name+ Contact Number

About the Exhibition Area

2017 Lishui Photography Festival’s Exhibition Areas will be:
Photography museum of Lishui, China, Lubro-pump factory, Art Museum of Lishui, Lishui University, Lishui Vocational & Technical College, Car Overhaul Factory Cultural Creative Area, Photography Cultural Industrial Park, Chuzhou Park, Wandi Plaza, MT Xinxili Cinema, Lishui Xinhua Bookstore, and Lishui characteristic Alley.
Of which: Photography Cultural Industrial Park is for Photography Equipment Exposition, and Lishui Xinhua Bookstore is for Photography Book Exposition.

Other Matters Need Attention

1. Photographers and Organizations who take part in should print and arrange their exhibition by their own.

2. Photographer who is unable to participate the exhibition in time due to some special circumstance, please tell the organization committee.

Contact for Information

Phone Number:0578-2117793

Fax Number:0578-2113393


Q Q:826334431

Address of Organization Committee:Photography Museum of Lishui China