Historical Review


China 11th International Photographic Art Exhibition & China·Lishui International Photographic Cultural Festival was held in Lishui from November 5th to 8th. More than 40 exhibitions and 4,000 works were displayed in this festival. From abroad, China 11th International Photographic Art Exhibition, FIAP Treasure Work Exhibition and work exhibition of photographers from England, France and Greece and so on. From home, 21st National Photography Exhibition, the First Joint Exhibition of Chairmen of the Photographers Association. From Lishui, Ou Jiang Xing Photography Competition Award Works Exhibition, Overseas Chinese Work in Lishui Exhibition, Solo Exhibition of Lishui Native Exhibition and five kind cultural exhibition of root carving, paper folding,Ou Jiang strange stones, Barbizon oil painting, clothes of She and celadon of Long Quan.