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Love Lishui, love photography

The opening ceremony of the Lishui Photography Festival, the Second International Photography Symposium and the 26th National Photographic Art Exhibition is inaugurated on 15 October, 1050 exhibitions come from over 50 countries and areas such as America, australia, Japan and Korea are displayed. Lishui, the ancient city, has become the heaven of photography, showing the beauty of light and shadow.

The 2017 Lishui Photography Festival attracts a number of excellent curators and curatorial groups from all around the world. They may be dazzling, abstract, profound or sincere. It's not difficult to see all kinds of exhibitions at this festival.

Jason Blake, the photographer comes from Australia records countless moving pictures of the festival through the lens. This is the second time for Jason to attend the Lishui Photography Festival. This time he has invitated his friend Neil which is an artist to enjoy the beauty of Lishui.

 Yesterday, when the journalists came, Jason was introducing the exhibitions to citizens with Fu Yongjun, the curator of the program of 7 alleys in Chuzhou in Guishan Alley of the urban district. Then Jason came immediately to discuss the festival with our journalists with great excitement.

  “Lishui has been my dreamland since two years ago. 2015 Lishui Photography Festival has left me so many good memories.”Jason told us that although he has taken part in many international photography exhibitions, Lishui Photography Festival has touched him most.

With his enthusiasm for photography and Lishui, Jason has stepped all over the streets of Lishui to find touching persons and things. In the break of the interview, Jason pointed to over 20 portraits on the mottled wall behind him, and told us with simle that the photos were taken by him in the alleys of Lishui costing all afternoon.

Jason has expressed his amazement that this year's Lishui Photography Festival has given him more surprises. The festival has not only larger scale, but also more professional planning groups, while the city's artistic creation atmosphere is also particularly strong. “In Lishui, I can devote myself to photography creation freely and share opinions intently with the artists from all over the world .”

Fu Yongjun said, through this event he has made a lot of good friends like Jason. This time Jason has even participated in the event at his own expense, it has appealed the attraction of this festival to the photographers around the world.

 “Lishui is a wonderful place! Lishui has a respectable city culture, and the people here are so friendly. Thanks Lishui and its sincere people.” Jason told us that in the way of his creation, Lishui Photography Festival has been always accompanied around him.





来自澳大利亚的摄影师Jason Blake就通过镜头记录下无数动人的画面。这是Jason第二次参加丽水摄影节,这一次来丽水,他还邀上了他的艺术家好朋友Neil,一同领略丽水之美。







处州晚报 11月16日 06版 

Experiencing different creative exhibition

In the morning of 16th Nov, over 60 years old Li Jianlin presses the shutter frequently in the photography exhibition named “what's the future” which is held on the basement of the City Museum.

 “I have taken a lot of photos these two days. I have met Mr. James whom I always adore in this Photography Festival and experienced a different creative exhibition.” A

Retired staff from one public institution in Lishui tells us excitedly that photography is his hobby, and he haven't expected that there's an opportunity to communicate with the master and to hear the curators explaining their works personally just in the hometown.

Since the Lishui Photography Festival begins, the theme exhibition named “what's the future” has been extremely popular, which is conducted by James Reimer, the dean of the Photography Department of New York Parsons College of Art and Design. When chatting with the journalists about “the image in the era of hypermedia”, which is the theme of this Lishui Photography Festival, James has his own unique views. He thinks this is a topic that can be discussed from a global perspective. “In such an era, there are too many images and photos being produced. Though the theme “what's the future”, I want to make people think about what kind of state the future will be, and what kind of trend the artists from all over the world will have in such an era.” James tells us he hopes that this exhibition can give the participants in Lishui a unique visual experience and a new way to regard photography, arousing their thinking about what the boundary of photography is and how the future should be in the new era.

Most worthwhile mentioning thing is that as soon as the theme “what's the future” has been confirmed, James has found photographers in New York who fit the theme, and brought their works from all over the world to Lishui to present in front of the audience. James says that although this is his first time to participate in the Lishui Photography Festival, the beauty of Lishui and its Photography Festival has surprised him time and again. “Few days ago, I have walked to the riverside, the landscapes of Lishui have also given me a lot of inspiration. What's more, people's happy and relaxing emotions are unforgettable.”

The journalist has learned that the Photography Festival will come to one after another climax in the next few days. At the same time, Lishui Photography Festival has also attracted lots of ordinary photographers like Li Jianlin, this International Photography event has also became a photography feast for civilians.




丽水摄影节开展以来,由纽约帕森斯设计艺术学院摄影系主任詹姆斯·雷默(James Ramer)策展的“未来何来”主题摄影展可谓是“人气爆棚”。当和记者聊起本次丽水摄影节“超媒体时代的影像”的主题,詹姆斯有着自己独到的见解。他认为这是一个能在全世界视角下进行对话的主题。





处州晚报 11月17日 06版 

experiencing the charm of Lishui

At Lishui Photography Festival, people feel and participate in the event by their own way. Many foreign tourists haven't forget to take the Lishui elements into their lens while visiting the pavilions. Some of them are obsessed with the building in Lishui's ancient alley or the girls wearing Chinese characteristic dress in the street. Some are lingering in front of the image.

On the afternoon of 17th Nov, the reporter has noticed a visitor named Tomas Virlan who speaks fluent Chinese but with a white face in the exhibition hall of the City Cultural Center. Tomas comes from Romania. He chose to settle in Lishui three years ago,because he has fallen in love with the city. And now he has set up his own warm family here. With the love and persistence of the traditional culture of Lishui, Tomas has been always supporting the photography exhibition quietly. “This is my second time to watch the photography festival. This year's festival really has Lishui's own characteristic.” In Tomas's opinion, Lishui is very suitable for holding photography festivals. “Although Lishui is not large, the enthusiasm for art and the openness mind for other cultures are too suitable for holding such a grand gathering.”

The Curator named Lars from Switzerland has also become attached to Lishui because of this festival, and this time he made a special trip to Lishui for sightseeing. In the exhibition area of the oil pump factory , he is carrying on the artistic discussion with his friend. Lars tells the reporters that he had never heard of Lishui before he was invited to the festival.“Since I have come to Lishui, I feel that Lishui is not only a city full of humanistic charm, but also a food paradise.” Lars says with a smile, although it's not a long time since he has come, he has tasted a lot of Lishui cuisine, the most unforgettable is Jinyun sesame seed cake.

In another corner of the exhibition, the President of French Cultural Association Stephane Joly is visiting the exhibition with the curators from Hongkong. When talking about the impression of Lishui, Stephane tells the reporters slightly shyly that as he has arrived in Lishui, the people here have given him much help, which touches him greatly.“Lishui has a very beautiful landscape. After watching the exhibition, help, so that he was very moved.  I would like to ramble in every street laneof this city, to find the different cultural atmosphere hidden here.” Stephane tells us that the Lishui Photography Festival not only gives him affluent artistic inspiration, but also becomes a window for him to understand the unique humanities of Lishui.




17日下午,在市文化馆的展区里,记者注意到一位说着流利中文,却有着白人面孔的参观者Tomas Virlan。Tomas来自罗马尼亚,三年前他因为爱上这座城市而选择定居丽水,如今他已经在这里组建了自己温馨的小家。凭借着对于丽水传统文化的喜爱和执着,Tomas一直在默默支持摄影展的举办。“这是我第二次来观看摄影节了,今年的摄影节真是独具丽水特色”。在Tomas看来,丽水是一座非常适合举办摄影节的城市。“丽水虽然地方不大,但是人们对艺术的热情和对其他文化的开放程度都太适合举办这样一个盛会了。”


在展区的另外一个角落里,法国文化协会主席Stephane Joly正在和来自香港的策展人一同观展。对于丽水的印象,Stephane略带腼腆地告诉记者,他刚来丽水就得到了丽水人民非常多的帮助,让他非常感动。“丽水有着非常美丽的山水,看完展览,我还要走一走这座城市每一条街巷,去寻找蕴藏在这里不一样的人文气息。Stephane告诉记者,丽水摄影节不仅给了他丰富的艺术灵感,也成为他了解丽水独特人文的一个窗口。